Friday, 19 February 2010

Random Images

The first challenge in this assignment was selecting RANDOM images. It was very tempting to choose particular images for various reasons. Anyway here are my extremely random images -

The next challenge was to find a selection of helpful people to think up stories which would link these images together.

Here are the results -

  • A baby goat (kid) was found in the Empire State Building by a police dog. The police dog wrapped the kid up in a sock to keep it warm.
Ishbel Johnstone 56yr old Learning Support Teacher

  • Charity makes handmade socks to sell to business people in the Empire State Building to raise money for poor abandoned animals.
Lorna Campbell 23yr old Receptionist

  • Evil corporation, based in the Empire State Building, kidnap (geddit?!) goats to use their wool to produce luxury socks (101 Dalmatians style). Local hero, Boxer dog Sam, saves the goats.
Victor Johnstone 59yr old English Teacher

  • Evil duo, Cecil the goat and Salvester the Boxer dog, break into the Empire State Building in the dead of night to steal floor tiles to sell to some Croatian bandits. They use socks as balaclavas!
Andrew Rankin 22yr old Finance and Business Student

In an attempt to get everyone to come to the same conclusion I added a fourth image -

I'm hoping it's obvious that I was trying to get people to form a similar story to the evil corporation stealing goats to makes socks but I'm not holding my breath as nobody else did!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Consumption of Design

The object of this assignment was to tackle the question, how the idea of the consumption of design to create a sense of identity affects you. Consumption has become the leading tool through which individuals establish their identities. Originally, identities were passed down through the generations in the form of status and class. Whereas now it tends to be the goods that you possess and have on show which define you even if just momentarily. Unfortunately our Western culture tends to focus strongly on having things, wanting things and owning things when in-fact being is far more important. Surely a person who has no possessions still has an identity?

To look into this idea of consumption and identity I obtained some photographs of a relative's kitchen. They were specifically told not to tidy up and for their kitchen to "act natural"! Even though I obviously knew this person I tried to look at the photos as if they were of a complete strangers kitchen. Surprisingly I found this easy to do and feel that I probably know a lot more about the person just by taking a little time to really take in the details of their tastes and habits.

This is the messiest part of the kitchen! I'm sensing an obsessively tidy person.

In speaking to others about their experiences of tackling this task I can understand why some people felt the need to be a little restrained and perhaps politer than they really wanted to be. Jumping to conclusions about a stranger's life, however educated your guesses are is a scary prospect. I feel like I can have a bit more of a free reign to say whatever I like as we're related, they have to forgive me eventually!

Even from this tiny snap-shot various things are clear. This is a woman's kitchen, it's clean and there's no sign of take-away containers or Super Noodle pots. Already a colour theme is emerging, patches of a sort of duck-egg blue are lurking. Everything looks shiny and new but not too showy, suggesting the person is reasonably well-off and takes care of things.

Again, very clean and neat and tidy. If I was in any doubt I'm now certain this is a woman's kitchen with fresh herbs and a recently used iron. I think this person also likes to bake judging by the cake-stand and the loaf-tins in the earlier photo.

This shows a more playful side. This person is also an animal lover. Although the magnets are colourful and perhaps slightly childish they are still obsessively placed which just screams "perfectionist!".

Overall, this kitchen looks very modern and sophisticated, however, there are lots of hints to the owners true personality in the form of splashes of colour and comical items. I think this person might like to come across as very grown-up and refined when in-fact they might actually have a silly sense of humour and be quietly fun-loving.

This photo suggests that the person has a creative side and is interested in crafts, hand-made things. They possibly enjoy travelling judging by the small Spanish looking town-scape. Again, animals, colour and playful objects feature heavily. The lack of clutter and modern, minimalist backs up my previous points.