Friday, 19 February 2010

Random Images

The first challenge in this assignment was selecting RANDOM images. It was very tempting to choose particular images for various reasons. Anyway here are my extremely random images -

The next challenge was to find a selection of helpful people to think up stories which would link these images together.

Here are the results -

  • A baby goat (kid) was found in the Empire State Building by a police dog. The police dog wrapped the kid up in a sock to keep it warm.
Ishbel Johnstone 56yr old Learning Support Teacher

  • Charity makes handmade socks to sell to business people in the Empire State Building to raise money for poor abandoned animals.
Lorna Campbell 23yr old Receptionist

  • Evil corporation, based in the Empire State Building, kidnap (geddit?!) goats to use their wool to produce luxury socks (101 Dalmatians style). Local hero, Boxer dog Sam, saves the goats.
Victor Johnstone 59yr old English Teacher

  • Evil duo, Cecil the goat and Salvester the Boxer dog, break into the Empire State Building in the dead of night to steal floor tiles to sell to some Croatian bandits. They use socks as balaclavas!
Andrew Rankin 22yr old Finance and Business Student

In an attempt to get everyone to come to the same conclusion I added a fourth image -

I'm hoping it's obvious that I was trying to get people to form a similar story to the evil corporation stealing goats to makes socks but I'm not holding my breath as nobody else did!

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