Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Business

Our next assignment for design studies is to come up with a business proposal for a business which provides a product or service that will appeal to a Post consumer. This a daunting prospect considering I don't really know much about post consumerism or business.

Before thinking about business ideas we thought it would be a good idea to come up with a profile of a post consumer i.e their age, income, what products or they might use?

Having had a little time to think independently, we brought our thoughts together in the form of a brain storm. We came up with some key points and also individually sourced several different images that we thought represented post consumerism. We then brought this information together in the form of a poster.

We then all met up again and had yet another brainstorming session. We first spoke about the different sustainable companies and products we'd came across and then discussed what ideas we all had for a business. We all got a little carried away with the "no idea is a bad idea" theory and came up with some strange ones. We decided to make things a bit more fun and interesting we would attempt to make one of our strange ideas a (semi) reality.

We settled on 'mail-order chickens'. Basically we would provide fertilised chicken eggs which the customer would then rear into a chicken which they can either eat or they can start making their own eggs or chickens. This seemed very simple and straight forward initially but now that we're properly looking into things it seems there may be some big issues with our big chicken ideas!

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