Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Tipping Point Continued

A collection of us jewellers took some time out from the sweat and toil of the workshop to have a quick brainstorm on 'The Power of Context'. We focused on crime and ran with it! Gladwell found that one reason crime declined in New York was that officials put into practice the much-debated 'broken-windows theory', which argued that if subways were cleaned of graffiti and windows were repaired, people would begin to obey the law. Various points associated with crime arose from our session such as alarms, CCTV, graffiti and atmosphere. An array of interesting ideas resulted from our session, from 'Wall in a Can' (a way of "removing" graffiti) to inventive personal alarms.
I was most interested in how graffiti and an areas atmosphere can have an effect on crime. I created a quick mind-map to help me think about how crime and atmosphere might be linked.

In 'The Tipping Point' there is an interesting story about the New York subway and how graffiti had effected this transport system. This reminded me of a video clip a friend showed me a few weeks ago of the Tokyo subway and it's unbelievable way of dealing with their large number of commuters. I went on to look into this subway system, its flaws and how it is being improved.

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