Sunday, 19 September 2010

Design Studies

During our first Design Studies lecture we were split into study support groups, mixing with other disciplines. It's interesting to meet people from subjects which otherwise you'd be unlikely to come across. In our group of eight we had two from Textiles, two from IED, two from IMD, one from Product Design and myself from Jewellery.
We were given a list of topics ranging from Crime and Design to Celebrity and Design. In our first brief meeting we decided a time and place for our next meeting during which we would decide on a topic for each person. We met on Thursday lunchtime in the Duncan of Jordanstone cantina. The topics we chose are to be individually researched and written up as a report to form our own Wikipedia. Luckily when we met on Thursday we had all decided on different topics:

Claire chose Consumer culture and design
Kitty chose Crime and design
Andrew chose Digital Economy and design
Mhairi chose Ethical labour and design
Fiona chose Interactivity and design
Thomas chose Social Networking and design
Justin chose User centred design and design

And I opted for Gender and design. I thought this would be a refreshing subject to look into but it is still relevant to jewellery design as jewellery is rarely a unisex thing. Once we've written our wikipedia entries we will read each others and leave constructive comments and feedback.

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