Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Design Studies 2nd Meeting

During our second meeting we decided to share the research we'd found so far by creating a sort of joint mind-map. Once we had all added our information to the mind-map we all tried to chip-in where possible with other peoples topics just to perhaps add a different slant on things. Also Fiona and myself had opted to change our topics and so took the opportunity to update the rest of the group. Fiona changed to Branding and Design and I changed to Permaculture and Design.

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  1. Mornng hon -your Mind Map popped up on Google Alerts today and I had to respond seeing as you are so local.
    I'm Elaine Colliar and the 5 times world Mind Mapping Champion - and I live in Cupar, just over the water:-)
    Any questions - or to meet for a chat n coffee one day - get me at Elaine@Elaincecolliar.com